Nonprofits Require Brokers for Insurance Policies

Nonprofits Require Brokers for Insurance Policies.Brokers are here to help you.

Brokers are individuals whose job is to buy and sell orders submitted by an investor. They are the middleman that many nonprofits need to acquire insurance and coverage because they know the ins and outs of organizations and have experience with insurance to give you the best advice about what risks you’re likely to face.

Why do you need a broker to get a quote?

We provide coverage to nonprofit organizations exclusively through certified brokers. Having a broker with you is to your advantage because they have no affiliation with any company, and can present you with a wide variety of options based on your nonprofit’s specific needs, risks, and bring up areas where you might face risks and certain losses.
Brokers, being independent, can form educated opinions based on knowledge of the insurance carrier and their clients’ previous experience with that company. If you don’t currently have a broker, we are more than happy to suggest a few who we know will be of great help to you and your nonprofit.

How should you select your broker?

Your broker should be based on a few things. We’ve compiled a list based off of our own experience:

  • Is adamant about your interests.
  • Willing to take the time to learn about your nonprofit’s operations and what you provide. By getting to know you, they’ll be able to provide intelligent advice about risks and insurance needs.
  • Experienced with risks facing 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
  • Responsive to your current and the evolution of your needs. Returning phone calls, helping claim filing, notifying insurers of changes, and assisting you with the design of your specific policy.

For more information on brokers and insurance coverage for the risks you’ll be facing, contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency in Denver, Colorado. We will work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your coverage.