Nonprofits Are Using Tech to Help Their Cause

Nonprofits Are Using Tech to Help Their CauseNonprofits are using the boom in technology to help spread the word of their cause with surprising results. 

Technology has made talking with someone on the opposite side of the Earth as simple as turning on your phone or laptop. Nonprofits are using technology and data to reach more people than they ever would have without it. And, each of them are using it in unique ways that help their nonprofit. If you are a nonprofit that hasn’t embraced the wonderful technology available to you, here are a few ways in which technology has helped nonprofit organizations.

Ways nonprofits are incorporating technology to advance their causes.

  • A start-up in Westmont is using technology to bring their silent auctions and ticketing platforms online. This gives people the ability easily donate and bid on their phones and reach people who many not even be at the event.
  • Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo’s Family Foundation, which raises money for cancer, is using Rizzo’s fame and followers. He retweets his family foundation’s tweets and also shares the story of his own battle with cancer.
  • Then, of course, there is the concept of exposure. By tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming your nonprofit’s cause, you may reach others who are interested but never knew where to start.

Nonprofits are typically slower to respond and embrace technology than companies because of budgetary restrictions. But those nonprofits that get a quick move on social media see a greater increase in donations and activity from new donors. This is because they are able to occupy their digital market niche before other nonprofit competitors.

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