How to Protect Your Nonprofit Donor Information From Identity Theft

Safeguarding your donor’s private data. Nonprofits rely on the kind gestures of donors to move towards their mission. The financial backing from donors is just as important as the emotional support you receive from the community. Now that you have regular donations coming in, what are you doing to Read More

Special Events Consider Unique Risks for Nonprofits

Understand where your nonprofit could be at risk.   A fundamental success of nonprofits is the ability to raise funds and awareness. Although social media can do its part in connecting your nonprofit to the world, special events remain a key source of fundraising. These fundraisers run the gamut Read More

The Role of Your Broker in Your Nonprofit Insurance Program

Why to Work With a Nonprofit Insurance Broker When you’re considering securing insurance for your nonprofit, you may need the assistance of an insurance broker. This person can be very useful to have on board as he/she can help you find the right coverage, maintain it to suit your needs, and can Read More

Why Nonprofits Need Insurance

How nonprofit insurance can benefit your organization.   It’s not unusual for new or small nonprofits to overlook the value of insurance when considering their nonprofit protection. After all, you’re a nonprofit, what risks do you have? It turns out, many. Nonprofits are not immune to disasters, Read More

Insurance and Policy: What Should Your Nonprofit Consider?

Insurance policies your nonprofit should consider.   Most nonprofits operate on a shoestring budget. They don’t have room in their finances to purchase unnecessary insurance policies or the wrong coverage entirely. This means that getting the right insurance and policy to guard against large risks Read More

The Best Ways to Keep Your Donor Data Safe

Practical tips to safeguard your nonprofit’s data. Data breaches can happen to anyone. No matter if you’re a start-up business, established business, or a nonprofit, the reality is that everyone is exposed. As a nonprofit, your priority is to keep your donor’s information safe from falling into Read More

How to Maintain an Effective Nonprofit Board

Ensure your nonprofit organization maintains effective board members.  Your nonprofit board is charged with the responsibility of keeping your nonprofit board afloat. But, how can you ensure that the board continues to be invested in your nonprofit and strives to keep it running? You may have Read More