How to Give Back to Your Community During the Holidays

Giving back over the festive season. As a nonprofit, you are in a unique position to really brighten the lives of your community members this holiday season. Whatever your nonprofit’s mission, you can spread the word of your efforts and deliver some festive cheer that is appreciated at this time Read More

Does Your Nonprofit Have a Volunteer Handbook? It Should!

The importance of a volunteer handbook.   If you have volunteers that regularly help to better your nonprofit, it’s wise to consider creating a volunteer handbook. A volunteer handbook is a key element in risk management, and it helps the volunteer to understand what is expected of them. The rules, Read More

The Importance of Liability Insurance at Your Event

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How Often Should a Nonprofit Review Policies and Procedures?

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Top Insurance Coverage Your Nonprofit Should Review

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Things to Know Before Buying Insurance for Your Nonprofit Organization

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Tips for Improving Daily Productivity at Your Nonprofit Organization

Streamline your time to improve your nonprofit. Nonprofit professionals often find themselves juggling several tasks at once with barely enough time to get by. Being productive enough can easily feel like a daily struggle. But productivity and good time management aren’t just about getting as much Read More