Who Your General Liability Insurance Covers

Nonprofit General Liability Insurance Denver COUnderstanding Where Your Policy’s Protection Extends

As a nonprofit, you know that you need a general liability insurance policy. You also know that it protects part of your team, but do you understand exactly where its coverage stops? Not knowing where you are protected could lead to a claim popping up that is not covered, leaving your nonprofit facing a significant, unexpected expense. Consequently, we want to offer this quick guide to your coverage.

  • Officers & Directors: You may be thinking this protection does not matter as you already have a directors and officers policy, but that policy only covers decisions they make. Your general liability coverage can step in to protect your directors and officers if there is a claim that involves people getting injured or property getting damaged.
  • Volunteers: Generally, your policy should cover your volunteers if they face a lawsuit related to their work with your nonprofit. This coverage often ends when volunteers cause bodily injury to an employee or another volunteer, though.
  • Employees: Your team is covered by your general liability insurance provided that employees are specifically named in the policy. If they get injured, your workers’ compensation rather than your general liability insurance will step in.
  • Property Manager: If you have a real estate or property manager, he or she will be automatically covered by most general liability insurance policies.

You should not have to be on your own when trying to discern exactly where your general liability insurance protects you and where you are exposed. To talk to an expert about your protection, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. With over a century of combined experience serving Denver and surrounding Colorado area nonprofits, our expert team is here to help you get the nonprofit general liability insurance you need paired with the understanding you deserve.