A Look At Your Liability

Protecting Your Organization’s Responsibility

As a nonprofit, you have taken some responsibility upon your organization. You are responsible for your work, your employees, your effects on the community, and any damages any person in your organization could cause, physical or otherwise. While these responsibilities ultimately allow you to make an impact in your community, that also means the impact you make could be detrimental. To ensure a misstep does not end up costing your nonprofit, here are the types of liability insurance you should carry.

  • General Liability: If something happens at one of your events, causing property damage and injuring an attendee, how would you cover the cost of property repairs and medical bills? Furthermore, if the injured person decided to sue your nonprofit, how would you pay the legal fees and possible settlement? With general liability insurance, you have a quick answer to those questions because in each instance your policy will step in.
  • Property Liability: If your business property became damaged by one of your employees or, worse yet, someone from your team stole some of your equipment, property liability insurance will kick in to cover the cost of repairs or replacements.
  • Directors & Officers Liability: Your board of directors and officers offer vision to your nonprofit, but they are also liabilities. What is one of them speaks out of turn and gets your organization embroiled in a lawsuit? Directors and officers liability insurance protects your nonprofit if one of your officers or directors is successfully sued after an act of negligence. In Colorado, nonprofits are actually legally required to carry this type of coverage in order to protect their volunteers.

Do not leave your nonprofit exposed to the risk of being held financial responsible for an unfortunate incident. Contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency in Denver for all of your Colorado liability insurance needs.