Organization Tips for Your Home Office

Simple organization ideas for your office at home.   Working from the comfort of your home can be a great situation, but if there’s one thing that a home office can easily fall victim to, it’s clutter. When your business and personal life is entwined, it’s easy to overlook personal items on your Read More

When Does Your Nonprofit Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Would your nonprofit benefit from professional liability insurance?  If you a nonprofit, you are likely to have General Liability insurance in place. You may also have Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance as well as any other critical insurance you needed when you first started the nonprofit. Read More

New Year Fundraising Tips for Your Nonprofit

Welcome in the New Year with fun fundraising! The New Year is a great time to kick your fundraising into high gear. The holiday season has passed and many of us are looking ahead to the opportunities that the New Year presents. Many people are committed to making dedicated efforts to better their Read More

How to Protect Your Nonprofit Donors From Identity Theft

Protecting your donors from identity theft. As a nonprofit, you rely on donations. Donors help to further your work and better the cause, meaning you can do you work seamlessly. However, if you’re regularly taking donations, it’s a good idea to know how to protect your donors from identity theft. Read More

How to Give Back to Your Community During the Holidays

Giving back over the festive season. As a nonprofit, you are in a unique position to really brighten the lives of your community members this holiday season. Whatever your nonprofit’s mission, you can spread the word of your efforts and deliver some festive cheer that is appreciated at this time Read More

Does Your Nonprofit Have a Volunteer Handbook? It Should!

The importance of a volunteer handbook.   If you have volunteers that regularly help to better your nonprofit, it’s wise to consider creating a volunteer handbook. A volunteer handbook is a key element in risk management, and it helps the volunteer to understand what is expected of them. The rules, Read More

The Importance of Liability Insurance at Your Event

Why your nonprofit needs liability insurance. As a nonprofit, you might regularly host fundraising events that are critical to further your mission. You need to raise funds to serve your community and reach goals within your nonprofit organization. While these fundraising events are vital to your Read More

Winter Safety Tips for Volunteers

How to keep your volunteer team safe throughout winter.   Ensuring the safety of your volunteer’s is likely to be one of the top concerns for your nonprofit organization as the winter approaches. The cooler temperatures and adverse weather conditions create potential hazards for all organizations. Read More

How Often Should a Nonprofit Review Policies and Procedures?

Determine when your nonprofit should review insurance coverage. As a nonprofit owner, you have a busy schedule to keep everything running smoothly. While you may be more concerned with incoming donations than your insurance coverages, don’t forget the vale that insurance brings to your nonprofit. Read More

Top Insurance Coverage Your Nonprofit Should Review

The insurance coverages you should plan to review often.   As a nonprofit owner, you will know that the end of the year is a busy time for you. Not only are you preparing for the holidays, but you have to juggle tax deadlines for fundraising, maintain daily operations, and inspire people to donate Read More