3 Ways to Welcome and Retain Monthly Donors

Attracting and maintaining support for your nonprofit.   As a nonprofit, you likely rely on the support of others to fulfill your mission. You may have monthly donors that are essential to your nonprofit’s achievements and success. With more monthly donors, you can do more and further your Read More

What You Should Know About Nonprofit Risk Management

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Policies and Procedures: How Often Do Nonprofits Need to Update?

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Safety Guidelines for Volunteers

How to keep your volunteer team safe.     Ensuring the safety of your volunteer’s is likely to be one of the top concerns for your nonprofit organization throughout the year. To ensure your nonprofit is not negatively impacted by the challenges of maintaining volunteers, keep in mind these Read More

Thank Your Donors This Holiday Season

There’s ample opportunity to thank your donors this season.   There comes a time in each nonprofit’s journey where they must truly appreciate their donors, both big and small. Without their help and support, it may well have been impossible to carry out your mission. The holidays are an Read More

5 Special Event Mishaps You Should Avoid

Protect your organization by avoiding common event mistakes.   Nonprofits utilize special events as a method to increase awareness and raise money for their cause. They can be a powerful resource, especially around the holidays when people are feeling generous. While these events can be Read More

Risk Management Tools: The Proper Use

Risk management tools needed in your nonprofit. Nonprofit organizations are on a mission to change or benefit the world in some way. Because they are so different to for-profit companies, they face unique risks that are often overlooked. Since nonprofit directors are often at the helm guiding the Read More

Top Tips for Holiday Fundraising

Utilize the gift-giving season to make your nonprofit successful.  Not only is the holiday season officially underway, but so is the time for giving. This time of year proves an especially important month for those who want to give back to the community and help others. After all, this is a season Read More

How to Protect Your Nonprofit Donor Information From Identity Theft

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Nonprofit Insurance Factors to Consider

What to consider when shopping for nonprofit insurance. Shopping for nonprofit insurance is not something most directors find enjoyable. It can be a confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming task – but it is an important one. To help you understand the nonprofit insurance world better and to Read More