Insurance and Policy: What Should Your Nonprofit Consider?

Insurance policies your nonprofit should consider.   Most nonprofits operate on a shoestring budget. They don’t have room in their finances to purchase unnecessary insurance policies or the wrong coverage entirely. This means that getting the right insurance and policy to guard against large risks Read More

The Best Ways to Keep Your Donor Data Safe

Practical tips to safeguard your nonprofit’s data. Data breaches can happen to anyone. No matter if you’re a start-up business, established business, or a nonprofit, the reality is that everyone is exposed. As a nonprofit, your priority is to keep your donor’s information safe from falling into Read More

How to Develop a Risk Aware Culture in Your Nonprofit

Encourage your nonprofit to consider risk in the workplace. When it comes to your nonprofit, the words “risk management” may make you groan and think of basic common sense safety that everyone knows. It’s no surprise that many nonprofits are not paying close enough attention to their risks, Read More

How Insurance for Nonprofits Has Changed for the Better

Insurance is changing with the nonprofit industry. Every nonprofit knows that no two organizations are alike. Even if they operate in the same area or the same cause, there are twice as many differences as there are similarities. Each nonprofit is unique and, as insurance agents, we know and Read More

8 Ways to Show Nonprofit Volunteers That You Care

Tips on how your nonprofit can appreciate your volunteers. Nonprofits often have the support of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into furthering your cause. If so, you may want to show these people that your nonprofit appreciates what they are doing. Taking the time to recognize Read More

Nonprofit Insurance Explained: Insurance Carrier vs. Insurance Broker

What your nonprofit should know about an insurance carrier and an insurance broker. Do you know the differences between an insurance carrier and an insurance broker? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many nonprofit owners don’t understand the difference between a broker and an insurance carrier, Read More

How to Accommodate Mental Health in Your Nonprofit Workplace

Managing mental health issues in the workplace. Most nonprofit organizations know what to do if an employee requests an accommodation for a broken ankle. But when employees want to discuss mental illnesses, nonprofit owners are suddenly at a loss. Businesses, including nonprofits, have an Read More

How to Manage Your Nonprofit Volunteers

Successfully managing your team of volunteers.   When you have volunteers who perform part-time duties, they become a valuable asset to your nonprofit organization. Volunteers help to provide a critical link between nonprofits and their communities by bringing needed skills, connections, insights, Read More

How to Maintain an Effective Nonprofit Board

Ensure your nonprofit organization maintains effective board members.  Your nonprofit board is charged with the responsibility of keeping your nonprofit board afloat. But, how can you ensure that the board continues to be invested in your nonprofit and strives to keep it running? You may have Read More

Starting a Nonprofit: Understanding the 501C3 Application Process

Tips on how to handle the 501c3 application.   Receiving a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status from the IRS is one of the most important steps in starting your nonprofit organization. Official recognition as a nonprofit means that it will be exempt from tax but it also allows your donors to deduct any Read More