Tips to Master Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and life may seem like a trapeze act but it doesn’t have to be. As a nonprofit owner, you wear many hats. You are responsible for many aspects of your organization, and may live and breathe your nonprofit as a result. While this is all well and good to get your nonprofit off the Read More

How to Overcome a Nonprofit Growth Plateau

Elevate your nonprofit by overcoming growth hurdles.   Most nonprofits want to continue to expand their organizations and make real changes. Smart organizations continually set goals to improve their work. However, it’s common for many nonprofit’s growth to plateau somewhere along the way. If you Read More

Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for Cyber Exposure

Safeguarding your nonprofit organization from cyber risks.   In our ever increasing interconnected world, any business using the internet is at risk. While we rely more and more on digital marketing, communications, and storage, the severity and frequency of cyber attacks increases. Hackers are Read More

Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Getting Nonprofit Insurance

Protect your nonprofit fully by avoiding these common mistakes. As a nonprofit, you know you need some insurance coverage to safeguard the livelihood of your organization. Many nonprofit owners are under the misconception that there is blanket coverage that is a one-size-fits-all solution. Read More

Easy Ways to Lower Your Nonprofits Insurance Costs

Tips to help you save money on your nonprofit’s outgoings. As a nonprofit owner, you know just how important your finances are. You don’t have profit to spend or a large financial resource to fall back on, which is why you periodically ensure that your nonprofit’s outgoings are as small as Read More

Organization Tips for Your Home Office

Simple organization ideas for your office at home.   Working from the comfort of your home can be a great situation, but if there’s one thing that a home office can easily fall victim to, it’s clutter. When your business and personal life is entwined, it’s easy to overlook personal items on your Read More

When Does Your Nonprofit Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Would your nonprofit benefit from professional liability insurance?  If you a nonprofit, you are likely to have General Liability insurance in place. You may also have Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance as well as any other critical insurance you needed when you first started the nonprofit. Read More

New Year Fundraising Tips for Your Nonprofit

Welcome in the New Year with fun fundraising! The New Year is a great time to kick your fundraising into high gear. The holiday season has passed and many of us are looking ahead to the opportunities that the New Year presents. Many people are committed to making dedicated efforts to better their Read More

How to Protect Your Nonprofit Donors From Identity Theft

Protecting your donors from identity theft. As a nonprofit, you rely on donations. Donors help to further your work and better the cause, meaning you can do you work seamlessly. However, if you’re regularly taking donations, it’s a good idea to know how to protect your donors from identity theft. Read More

How to Give Back to Your Community During the Holidays

Giving back over the festive season. As a nonprofit, you are in a unique position to really brighten the lives of your community members this holiday season. Whatever your nonprofit’s mission, you can spread the word of your efforts and deliver some festive cheer that is appreciated at this time Read More