March Is National Nutrition Month

March Is National Nutrition MonthGet Healthy During National Nutrition Month

Even in our age of remarkably advanced modern medicine, one of the most important things you can do for your body is simply eat a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthful, nourishing diet will help you fend off many major diseases (including cardiovascular disease, the top killer of Americans), so the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has named March National Nutrition Month. To help you eat healthy this month, check out these tips.

  • Go For 10:1—For every ten grams of carbohydrates you consume, try to take in at least one gram of fiber. This is the ratio of carbs to fiber in an unprocessed whole grain, so seeking out this ratio will help you eat more healthily.
  • Maximize Flavor—Studies show that the more flavorful and rich you think food is, the less of it you will consume before feeling satisfied. Add spices and herbs to your food to boost flavor, and you will find yourself eating less and, most likely, enjoying more!
  • Swap Payment—The intangible nature of charges to your credit card makes impulse buys easier, but if you are parting with cold hard cash you are less likely to buy things you do not need. Try paying for your groceries with cash, and see if you are less inclined to grab that $5 bag of chips on your way to the checkout stand.

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