How to Motivate Your Kids to Do Their Homework

As a parent, you may have experienced the following scenario: Your child comes home in the afternoon from school and immediately drags their feet at the mention of homework or studying. You encourage them to get it done before dinner, but your positivity is met with excuses. This continues until you’re both upset and frustrated. Even if your child agrees to do their homework, they may sit in the bedroom refusing to open their homework books. It’s a difficult position to be in, which is why we’re helping parents understand how to ease this process.

Why do children hate doing their homework?

Studies have found that children who don’t like doing homework are more common than we think, and the reasons why they don’t enjoy it may run deeper than we realize. It may look like plain defiance, but it is more to do with children lacking an internal sense of purpose.

  • No connection to studying

    If your child always has trouble with motivation, it could be that they don’t have a sense of purpose that connects schoolwork to a long-term vision for life. Having a ‘why’ for doing anything is essential – even for adults. Talk through why homework is set and how it benefits them. Sometimes, kids need a bit of explanation to help them face their fears and feel more inclined to do homework.

  • No organization

    Even if your child has a deep understanding of why homework is necessary, they may have a hard time excelling if they feel out of control. Set clear goals for them so that they can feel successful every time they check off a task. 

How to get children to do their homework:

  • Set up a good spot

    Make sure your child has a quiet, well-lit location to do homework. It should be out of their bedroom and away from the TV.

  • Get the right gear

    It’s important that your child has everything they need for their assignments, like a calculator, pens, and pencils. Ensure that your child has the necessary equipment before they begin.

  • Write out to-dos

    Having a plan to work towards will help to motivate your child to check off a task.

  • Start at the same time every day

    Make it a routine to start homework at the same time, whether it’s when they get home from school or after sports club. Figure out what time will help your child be most consistent.

  • Celebrate achievements

    Positive reinforcement encourages your child to keep doing well and checking off their homework assignments.

These are some tips to help you motivate your child to complete their homework on time every time. Ensure you have the right protection in place for the livelihood of your organization and volunteers. Contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, part of HUB International in Denver, Colorado at 303-894-0298. Make sure that your nonprofit is properly covered. We will work with you to ensure you have optimum coverage in place.