Millennials Need to Say “No” and Stop Being Work Martyrs

Millennials are the generation that won’t stop working, is it time for them to learn how to say “No”? 

Contrary to popular belief that Millennials are entitled and lazy, recent research suggests otherwise. The study indicated that Millennials are work martyrs, meaning they believe in the value of long hours rather than true productivity. They don’t take vacation or breaks out of the fear that if they do so, they’ll be replaced or seen as undedicated.

The greatest consequence of being a work martyr comes in the form of stress that affects both their work and home. Work martyrs are thirteen percent more likely to feel extra stress in their work life when compared to employees that have a more balanced life, and twenty percent are more likely to carry the stress at home.

Millennials say “yes” to longer hours all for the wrong reasons. Millennial work martyrs take on more work while they know they are up to the brim on work they already have. Next, they will feel sorry for themselves because they have so much, all the while letting everyone around them know how much they have on their plate. Like a weird, paradoxical proud display of busy-ness while hating it at the same time.

In order to decrease your workload you can always start saying “No,” and explain that your normal workload is enough work. Being that person that always says yes may feel good at the time, but when you feel the weight of all the work, that feeling usually turns into misery.

And the more you say yes, the more people will expect it. Only making it harder to say no when you really need it.

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