Millennials and Your Nonprofit

Does Your Nonprofit Appeal to Millennials?

Millennials continue to have the largest buying power in the U.S., believe it or not. Gone are the days of targeting the baby boomer population, and now that we’ve entered into 2018, the rise of Millennials is only set to increase. What’s the best way to tap into this resource for your nonprofit? To learn more about how you can make your nonprofit appeal to Millennials, read on.

Millennials don’t support organizations – they support causes. If they are passionate about your cause, it’s likely that they will broadcast it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. This enables your cause to reach thousands of their peers while spreading that passion for your cause.

Millennials are looking for an experience. They don’t want to donate to a cause and never hear back. They want to create a memory that they can enjoy and to be part of something great. Not only do they want to give more than money, they want to have their voice heard. In essence, Millennials want to see the effect their gifts are having on a cause. Skip sending them a financial report – send stories, pictures, and testimonials instead. Demonstrate the impact your nonprofit organization makes in people’s lives.

Let’s not forget that Millennials are the most tech savvy of us all. Because of this, it’s important to ensure your website looks modern and professional, clearly states your cause and goal, and that it’s easy to donate through your site. Millennials like to make the most of their time and want the donating process to be straightforward and effortless.

Most importantly, stay in touch with your Millennials. They value relationships and like to feel like they are invested and valued. Engage with your Millennials often, whether it’s through a custom email or social media. They are the future of your nonprofit.

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