May is Mental Health Month

May Is Mental Health Month

Every month seems to be something new. This May, help spread awareness about Mental Health Month!

Since 1949, Mental Health America has led the observance of May being Mental Health Month by reaching out to millions of Americans through the media, screenings, and local events. This May, do your part in spreading awareness about mental health across the nation.

One in five Americans are affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime, and every American is affected or impacted through at least one person in their personal lives. Together, we can fight the negative stigma that comes with mental health issues, provide support, educate the public, and advocate for equal care for the people affected.

Step 1: Educate Yourself 

A lot of ignorance surrounds the issue of mental health. These conditions are not the result of personal weakness, poor upbringing, or strength of character. Being aware of the issues is not just recognizing the symptoms, but busting many false ideas and assumptions about mental health conditions as well.

Step 2: The Person is Not Their Illness

Every one of the five Americans that is affected by a mental health condition has a story to tell that says more about them than their medical diagnosis. Whether you live with someone that suffers from a mental health issue, or are a friend, family member, or medical professional, know that treating them with empathy and kindness means more to them than just trying to understand what they are going through.

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