Lessen Your Liability With Liquor Insurance

Lessen Your Liability With Liquor InsuranceProtect Your Next Fundraising Event With This Coverage

When you hold fundraising events for your nonprofit, you want to make them as special as possible for your patrons. Consequently, you probably put a lot of thought and energy into crafting the décor and choosing the caterer. To round out the event, you likely will offer beer, wine, or cocktails that will complement the meal.

The issue arises, though, that one of your event’s attendees could have a bit too much to drink. If he or she gets into a vehicle, drives, and injures another person, your nonprofit could actually be held liable! Does that mean you should never serve alcohol at any of your events?

Not necessarily. In fact, there is an insurance product specifically designed to protect your organization in cases like this. Liquor liability insurance can be packaged with your general liability policy, and can step in to protect you if an alcohol-related liability claim is filed against your nonprofit.

This type of coverage will also protect you if some of your attendees have had too much to drink and start a fight. Some organizations have actually faced assault and battery charges for simply escorting an intoxicated attendee to the door. Fortunately, your liquor liability policy can include assault and battery coverage. To ensure your business is not left putting the money it worked so hard to fundraise towards court fees just because someone at your event had too much to drink, carry liquor liability insurance.

To ensure that your Colorado nonprofit is never left exposed by someone else’s mistake after drinking too much, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. Our Denver team is dedicated to crafting the right coverage to protect you at all of your future events so you can relax and enjoy them. For the protection your organization needs and deserves, call us today!