Labor Day: History & Facts

Happy Labor DayImpress your friends with these facts on the history of Labor Day.      

Can you believe Labor Day is already just around the corner? The summer flew by, and suddenly we’re looking at the holiday that most people use as a marker for the beginning of fall.

Labor Day means so much more than just a new season and a day off work, though. You can impress your friends this holiday weekend by knowing the facts about the history of the holiday.

This holiday got its start when the American labor movement committed itself to celebrating all that the American worker has achieved. Each year, Labor Day provides our nation with a pause to reflect on everything that laborers across our country’s history and today have achieved socially and economically.

Labor Day started small, first being celebrated in municipalities in 1885. From these local celebrations grew state legislation. Oregon passed a Labor Day law in February 1887, and by the end of the year New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Massachusetts had also created an official Labor Day holiday.

On June 28th, 1894, Congressed passed a law dictating that the first Monday of each September will be set aside as a legal holiday to recognize American laborers. Today, we celebrate Labor Day with parades, barbecues, speeches from local leaders, and, of course, an extra day’s rest from our labor.

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