Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for Cyber Exposure

Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for Cyber ExposurePrepare your nonprofit for cyber exposures.  

In our increasingly interconnected world, any business using the internet (just about any business) is at risk of cyber-attacks. Small and mid-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable as they may not have the security infrastructure in place to keep up with the growing sophistication of cyber incidents. If you operate a cash-only lemonade stand, you can breathe easy. For every other nonprofit and business, it’s important to protect yourself from cyber exposure and take proper steps to mitigate risk.

How can my nonprofit avoid cyber-attack losses?

  • Know your cyber risk

Conduct a risk assessment to reveal hardware, software or website vulnerabilities. Maintain safe and secure records about information that is stored on your network, along with sensitive employee, vendor, and client information. It’s a good idea to have your nonprofit’s cybersecurity risk assessed by an IT professional.

  • Establish an IT security policy

Regardless of the size of your organization, an IT security policy is essential. Identify the critical assets of y our business, and ensure that you have procedures in place for physical security, account management, employee activity, data backups, secure data storage, and data recovery. Make sure you have strong password protection, too!

  • Protect yourself with cyber liability insurance

Traditional nonprofit insurance does not address internet exposure. Securing cyber liability insurance is your best chance of receiving protection that provides help in the event of an attack.

It pays to take out reliable cyber liability insurance. Are you ready to secure the right coverage for your needs? Contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, part of HUB International in Denver, Colorado at 303-894-0298.