8 Affordable Remote Work Tools to Increase Productivity at Your Nonprofit

One of the top goals of every business is to increase productivity, which in theory, should improve profits. As many small businesses have not survived the pandemic, pressure has risen on organizations, especially nonprofits, to become as efficiently run as possible while practicing social distancing.

Here are some of the most effective and affordable remote work tools for increasing productivity at work.


One of the best ways to simulate in-person brainstorming meetings online to increase work productivity is with the digital platform MURAL. It allows team members to collaborate remotely on marketing strategy development using visual cues such as digital sticky notes and colorful graphs. Nonprofits with operating budgets under $20 million should investigate opportunities for free or discount MURAL plans.

2. Google for Nonprofits

Another remote tool for increasing productivity at work is Google for Nonprofits, which comprises various resources for nonprofits, such as cloud storage and video conferencing. Remote workers can use G Suite for a variety of office tools such as Gmail, Docs and Calendar. The suite works as a turnkey solution for organizations that need free to low-cost, basic, easy-to-use operational tools.


One of the best ways to keep your operation well organized and updated is to use a project management tool such as Asana. This application tracks all the essential details required to complete tasks and mapping out marketing plans. It’s a seamless tool for assigning unique tasks and subtasks to each individual in a collaborative process.

4. Doodle

Remote work in some cases can mean different people around the world working in different time zones. This scenario can complicate scheduling online meetings, but Doodle provides a simple solution. It allows you to get feedback from members on desired meeting times, which can help plan meetings that work for everyone. The free version allows you to utilize basic scheduling polls.

5. Slack

Chat has become popular for many businesses in recent years. An effective way to organize multiple chat channels is to use Slack. You can devote a unique chat channel to each topic you want to cover. It’s a way to connect with team members to ask and answer questions, as well as share personal updates. If your nonprofit organization works toward preventing the spread of COVID-19, you may be eligible for a free three-month plan.

6. Todoist

Making to-do lists is easy with Todoist, which helps break down tasks into subtasks and recommends deadlines. The application comes loaded with templates nonprofits can use for creating blog posts, filling in calendars and planning agendas. Managers can develop and assign tasks in real-time during an online meeting. The exchange of information can then lead to collaborators adding tasks and subtasks.

7. Hootsuite

Planning all your social media marketing on one dashboard can be achieved with Hootsuite. This tool allows you to post to various online platforms on one screen, instead of the tedious task of going to each site separately. It also facilitates an easy review and approval process for determining which posts are published online. Hootsuite also offers nonprofits training on social media skills.

8. Mindful Browsing

Part of the key to increasing productivity is to create a list of sites that should be avoided during periods of intense prioritized activity. Mindful Browsing is a Chrome extension tool that lets you select sites that may disrupt your work. It sends reminders when these sites are accessed to be more mindful of time to maximize workplace efficiency.

Most of these remote work tools are available free or at discounts for nonprofit organizations. Each application is designed to increase work productivity for employees working at home. Would you like to learn more about nonprofit survival strategies during the pandemic? Contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, part of HUB International in Denver, Colorado at 303-894-0298. We will help you find the right coverage for your needs.