Improving Your Nonprofit’s Cybersecurity

Securing confidential data as a nonprofit.

Nonprofit leaders may think that hackers have no interest in them, but this can be a costly assumption to believe. Any organization that contains private data such as credit card numbers is at risk. Nonprofits that receive charitable donations actually represents a worthwhile target to cybercriminals. Even just one minor cyber breach can send donors running away from your nonprofit. Without donors, you may not be able to continue operations. With this in mind, check out these simple ways to improve your nonprofit’s cybersecurity.

  • Prioritize data security

It’s easy for nonprofits to overlook the importance of data security, especially with other expenses demanding attention. Smaller nonprofits may assume that because they have fewer or smaller donors, they are a less appealing target. However, this is not the case. Hackers know smaller nonprofits are less likely to guard their data as strongly as larger nonprofits do. For this reason, you should prioritize securing data.

  • Upgrade and update software

Computers that operate on outdated software are not just less efficient, but they are more at risk. Be sure that you update the systems on all of your devices. After doing so, consider upgrading your devices to newer models. New computers and tablets are less susceptible to data breaches because they were built with cybersecurity in mind.

  • Provide staff training

Ensure that all employees and volunteers know how to spot malicious emails, phishing scams, and update passwords every time someone leaves the nonprofit. Teaching your team simple ways to spot hacker attempts can go a long way in protecting data.

  • Invest in cybersecurity insurance

Nonprofits should have a plan in place for when the worst happens. Cybersecurity insurance can help nonprofits recover expenses related to the attack, implement damage control, and more.

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