HR Trends of 2017: Employee Experience & The Future of Work

HR Trends of 2017: Employee Experience & The Future of WorkThe future of the work experience is going to bring a few changes to the way that employees are treated.

Many specialists believe that there is a transformation happening in the human resources department. It’s been dubbed the “consumerization of HR,” and it refers to how many companies create and provide a social, mobile, and consumer-style experience for the employees. HR leaders will be able to have a digital lens to HR that creates an employee experience that equals their best customer experience. What does that mean exactly, and what will that mean for your small business?

  1. Creating an enthralling employee experience
    Many employers are investing in a compelling employee experience. They are doing so by investing in training, improving their workspace, and giving out rewards to those employees that put in the effort. They predict there will be more competition for talent as companies with a good employee record are more in demand–especially with millennials.
  2. Creating spaces that promote a work culture
    Almost all workplaces are designed for extroverts and their need for endless stimulation. The only issue being that not everyone is an extrovert. Ask your employees these simple questions in order to increase productivity and efficiency of your workplace:
    • Where do you do your best work?
    • Where do you avoid meeting or working?
    • Where do you go to recharge?
    Allowing those employees that work better away from distractions to work from home may lead to an increase in productivity.
  3. Investing in employee wellness
    Many companies are just now realizing that if employees feel well, they are much more productive than they otherwise would be. Companies are integrating technology like Amazon’s Alexa to help employees stay updated on their fitness goals. They also provide healthy snacks around the office to curb appetites and reduce an intake of unhealthy sugar.

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