HR Practices: Drug Testing

HR Practices: Drug TestingKnow the best method for notifying an employee that he will be subject to a random drug test.

Random drug tests are common practice in most companies. The best way to approach your employees to do it individually in a one-on-one conversation, or send them a written notice. The company must also have a policy that notifies all employees that they will be subject to random drug screenings.

Some employers choose to notify individuals or groups of employees through email, this may lead to unwanted high school drama or speculations in changes in employment.

In addition to random screenings, employers should consider a drug testing policy based on reasonable testing. When an individual appears to be under the influence while working, the employer can send the employee to get tested via a member of leadership, or escorted service (e.g., taxi). (Signs: smell of alcohol or drugs, slurred speech, dilated pupils, swaying, lethargic, etc.)

Reminding the individual of the policy, and securing a witness to the individual’s inebriated state may reduce the challenges that could arise from this interaction. The company’s protocol for dealing with such employees should include a meeting with someone from HR to determine if this employee is indeed under the influence (or their symptoms are that of someone under the influence).

Creating a policy, along with a communication plan, protocol, and a training plan will have you ready to go if an employee barges through your doors claiming they’re fine while stumbling around reeking of alcohol or something else.


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