How Your Nonprofit Can Overcome the Fundraising Crevasse

Not raising enough money is a common issue that many nonprofits face every now and then. Do you know how to combat it?

Executive directors often complain that their board members aren’t involved enough in fundraising—a fundamental responsibility of every board member. Raising support for the organization is a key measure of the board’s commitment to the organization and is one of the most tangible ways to ensure sustainability of the entire thing. Here are a few ideas for board members to get more comfortable with the idea and practice of fundraising.

What have you given in the past, and what incited you to give?

In order to incite others to donate, you must become a donor. Get into the mindset of what first got you to donate to the cause. Was there a specific story? Rewards that incited your donation? Get into this mindset to get other to donate.

How do people react without “the ask” portion?

Another tactic to alleviate the awkwardness of asking for money is by removing the “ask” altogether. Tell your friends about your organization, what it does, why you chose to serve on the board, and if they would be interested. Do they have follow-up questions? This way, you can determine the strength of your case and which people may be good prospects in the near future.

Build a habit of talking about your organization during normal talk.

You’re a part of the team! It’s better you get comfortable talking about it. Be wary about talking about the organization too much, though. You don’t want to lose your friends because you somehow always derail the conversation into the nonprofit. Get comfortable and know when to talk about it. The more people hear of it, the more they’re willing to give!

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