How to Start Attracting Skilled Volunteers

How to Start Attracting Skilled VolunteersFind and attract the right volunteer talent for your nonprofit.

As a nonprofit organization, your finances may constantly be tight. As a result, you need to find volunteers that are willing to dedicate their time to further your cause. Nonprofits often have strategic-level work that needs to be completed, but no financial resources to make this a reality. This is why skills-based volunteers are so important. To help you attract skilled volunteers, read on.


Before you make a volunteer listing, assess what your organization needs. What are your current goals? What skills are required in order to complete those goals? What other specific talents could your organization benefit from? Recruit based on this information.

Look within your existing volunteer team.

The right volunteer may already be working with your organization. The person handing out flyers could be an expert in digital marketing and you may not even know. Be sure that your volunteer intake form asks about professional skills and talents.

Avoid pigeonholing your volunteers.

Accountants don’t always want to be the treasurer. Match tasks with skills and talent, but be sure that you know how each individual would like to better the nonprofit. It’s also wise to be flexible with schedules and working remotely.

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