How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for Volunteers

Looking to take on volunteers? Read this first.

You’d never recruit employees until you had actual job roles for them, descriptions, and have certain expectations for them to fulfill. Sometimes, nonprofits start recruiting volunteers before their organization is ready. Even if just one volunteer has a bad experience, it could set back your efforts for years. Before you start looking for volunteers, make sure you follow these steps to get your organization ready.

Understand your nonprofits work environment.

Each nonprofit has its own personality. While some are formal in organization with boundaries and chains of command, others are open, friendly, creative, and value-driven. Some work environments may be laid back and dependent on teamwork, and others are goal-driven with independent tasks to fulfill.

Identify the type of volunteer you’re looking for.

By understanding your work environment (see above), you’re able to determine what type of person would be right for your nonprofit. For example, a self-starter who enjoys working with less structure and direction could fit in well with a nonprofit that is just starting up. If your nonprofit is hierarchical, you may want to find people who are comfortable following procedures and policies.

Identify and resolve legal issues.

Have you seen any legal and liability issues about volunteer involvement? Are there systems in place for running background checks? For evaluating the performance of volunteers and measuring the outcomes you’ll expect? Is your insurance relevant and does it protect volunteers?

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