How to Manage Your Nonprofit Volunteers

a team working and smilingSuccessfully managing your team of volunteers.  

When you have volunteers who perform part-time duties, they become a valuable asset to your nonprofit organization. Volunteers help to provide a critical link between nonprofits and their communities by bringing needed skills, connections, insights, and resources to the organization. Before they get started, it’s important that your volunteers know what they can expect in the way of guidance and supervision when working alongside your nonprofit. Here are a few tips on how to manage your team of nonprofit volunteers with ease.

  • Provide clear instructions for all volunteers on their role and duty within the organization. Provide a volunteer handbook, set of policies, and a procedure manual so that they better understand the expectations.
  • Ensure volunteers know what they can and cannot do. Don’t assume that they will already know. For example, many nonprofits state that volunteers cannot offer lifts for clients or take clients home for meals.
  • Each volunteer should read and sign a volunteer waiver that states that they understand the rules and expectations. 
  • If a volunteer is injured, take immediate action. If he/she is injured when providing a volunteer service, conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into the timeline of events. 

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