How to Make Smart Hires Using Counterintuitive Methods

How to Make Smart Hires Using Counterintuitive MethodsWant to stop looking over terrible resumes? Using these rather counterintuitive methods may help you reduce the time you spend on resumes while giving you the opportunity to hire the perfect hires. 

As the new year settles down, you may have some vacant positions you are looking to fill. In an ideal world, those who apply are all perfectly qualified. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where many employers are forced to settle for good, but not Peyton-Manning-great. When everything you know fails, why not try something from left field? Here are a few counterintuitive tips on how to make smart hires.

  1. Look Past Strengths
    Even the most talented and productive candidate with the best work-related strengths can have some downsides. The truth is that we all have strengths, and we all have weaknesses. Instead of looking at their strengths, gauge their weaknesses as “developmental opportunities.” Can this person grow and improve on their weaknesses?
  2. Hire Slow; Fire Fast
    Bad hires can be costly. How? They are more expensive to train, you have to motivate them harder to get average work, and they are a challenge to retain. Data and evidence suggest that a well-designed and structured interview process results in better hires than resumes and recommendations.
  3. Focus on Potential
    People’s past achievements may speak for themselves, but they are in the past and not entirely indicative of future potential. This particularly rings true of young candidates who have very limited experience. Many candidates do well individually, but fail to be of any use when put in charge of a team.

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