How to Maintain an Effective Nonprofit Board

Ensure your nonprofit organization maintains effective board members. 

Your nonprofit board is charged with the responsibility of keeping your nonprofit board afloat. But, how can you ensure that the board continues to be invested in your nonprofit and strives to keep it running? You may have already done the legwork of building a successful board, and you can help to keep them on track by reading below.

Maintain focus on your nonprofit’s mission

A mission, no matter how well thought out, can sometimes fall through the cracks or get buried under all the bureaucracy of your nonprofit. You can help to avoid by this first adopting a mission-driving approach, framing all meetings and strategy creation with the nonprofit’s mission. Having a clear mission that is in line with your nonprofit and its cause will help foster board commitment.

Employ a management system

Implement some policies through which to measure your board members and their successes as individuals and as a whole. When you make people responsible for results, they are more likely to work hard to deliver great outcomes.

Educate your board members

Your board members may benefit from additional training, such as in-person sessions or webinars online. Nonprofit management programs can be found in a variety of volunteer centers, colleges, and community foundations.

Assign roles

Delegate roles and jobs to each board member and ensure that they understand what the role entails. These roles should help them conceptualize how they can individually further the nonprofit’s cause and mission. 

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