How to Handle an Injury on the Job

Owning a business, whether it is a for-profit or non-profit comes with the responsibility of making sure that your employees stay safe. However, the occasional accident is unavoidable. Keep these steps in mind to make sure you know what to do when an injury occurs at your workplace.

  1. Get medical treatment for your employee. Getting the employee stabilized is the first priority during an accident. Also make sure to give your employee your Designated Provider List Notification Letter and have them select a provider from the list.
  2. Investigate the accident. Make sure to complete your investigation immediately, before the memory of witnesses fade and any evidence is lost.
  3. Report the Injury. Do not wait to report the injury to your insurance provider, even if you do not have all of the information. Make sure to relay any concerns or questions when reporting the claim.
  4. Complete the wage history form and plan for modified duty. If the employee is not able to return to work, make sure to provide an accurate average weekly wage. Make sure to consider any modified duties that can be performed by the employee, which will help them return to work, as well as decrease the claim costs.

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