How to Build a Successful Board of Advisors for Your Nonprofit

Tips to create and maintain a successful nonprofit board.

As a nonprofit, you know that a great board of advisors is essential to make your nonprofit successful. Your board members are foundational for your organization’s support and development. They can help you focus your mission by helping provide support, advice, and resources. Because this is such an important element of your nonprofit, it’s wise to take some time to ensure you are selecting the right people. Here are a few tips on how to build a successful board of advisors.

  • Find those that share your passion

Your board members will be ambassadors for your nonprofit, which is why it’s so important that they share in your passion and mission. Look for individuals who are eager to help the cause. It’s also a good idea for the leadership team and the board to have a meeting with potential board members. This will enhance the professionalism within your organization.

  • Consider donors and volunteers

Do you receive regular donations from the same person? Perhaps there’s a particular volunteer who is enthusiastic about all things within the nonprofit. When you’re looking for dedicated board members, don’t forget about donors and volunteers. Try to encourage these potential candidates by inviting them to be a part of certain committee discussions, involving them in planning opportunities, and introducing the idea of becoming a board member to them.

  • Don’t neglect social media

Whether you’re planning on recruiting individuals with different areas of expertise or different demographic backgrounds, consider announcing the openings on social media. Make sure you have a well-written position description so that the responses you get will be from desired profiles. LinkedIn is a great place to start.

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