How Nonprofits Can Use Marketing to Engage Millennials

What your nonprofit can do to engage millennials.

Millennials make up the largest generation in American history. It’s estimated that they spend $200 billion annually, and will spend $10 trillion in their lifetime. So, where does a nonprofit organization fit into this picture? If your nonprofit isn’t targeting or engaging millennials, it needs to start! Here are some tips to get you started.

Engage Consistently

Millennials want more out of engagement with nonprofits than previous generations. As a wearier generation, this group needs more interaction in order to become a loyal follower of a cause or nonprofit. They support causes they are passionate about rather than institutions. It’s important to maintain communication and show them how their donations are impacting the cause.

Implement Technology

Remember that millennials are the most connected generation. In fact, they’re always connected. Because of this, they must be engaged where they spend more of their time, which is the digital space. Social media is important for keeping millennials interested and invested in an organization. Email lists are a great tool, too.


To brand an organization is to manage how the public perceives the organization itself. Nonprofits need to ensure that the business models contribute to sustaining their social impact, serving their mission, and staying true to their organization’s values and culture. Millennials are great on picking up on inconsistencies, and are sure not to donate their time or money to organizations that appear insincere.

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