How Great Leaders Communicate with Love

How Great Leaders Communicate with Love

Duty makes us do things, but love makes us do them beautifully.

Leadership has changed throughout the millennia, but the great leaders all have love as their motivation. Not love in the romantic sense (that would have made wars and businesses a little weird), but in the kind of inclusive, respectful, and caring behavior that brings great teams together. Leaders who bring the passion that drives and binds the team together do one thing very well: they communicate. And they communicate so effectively that the team goes above and beyond what is expected of them to create better solutions and passionately deliver the results. Here are some tips on how you, a good leader, can use love to become the great leader everyone knows you can be.

Tips on Communicating With Love

  1. Patience: It’s a virtue and many leaders behave with self-control in difficult situations. They don’t allow their emotions to get in the way of making rational decisions and communicating effectively.
  2. Trust: The only way your employees will trust you is if you trust them. Great leaders show confidence in their employees and encourage them through enthusiasm for their progress.
  3. Unselfishness: Where you place your praise is important, and employees notice. Giving credit to the whole team for their success and shoulder the responsibility for problems.
  4. Forgiveness: Don’t hold any grudges with employees. Communicate in a way to deliver a positive manner so the team is able to learn from past mistakes and move forward.
  5. Kindness: Leaders don’t just say nice things and walk away, they focus on holding people accountable for their work by ensuring they know what is required and congratulating them for a job well done.

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