How D&O Coverage Can Protect Your Organization

Directors and officers liability insurance, also known as D&O insurance can provide coverage for a variety of different issues for a nonprofit organization. Making sure your nonprofit organization is properly protected can ensure the mission and existence of the organization stays intact.

Many claims can be filed against nonprofit organizations, including wrongful termination, failure to properly promote, sexual harassment, and discrimination in relation to pay and or the duties given to a person. Clients can also sue the organization in regards to discrimination based on race, sex, religion, age, or sexual orientation. The members of the board and officers of the organization can be sued either individually or as a group.

D&O insurance can provide coverage from these lawsuits and many other situations that a nonprofit organization may run into. It also has many benefits. Some government agencies cannot participate in funding unless the nonprofit has D&O insurance, and some professionals cannot join a board of a nonprofit unless it is covered with D&O coverage.

To protect your nonprofit with the right D&O insurance coverage, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency.