Holiday Business Insurance Hazards To Watch Out For

Holiday Business Insurance Hazards To Watch Out ForHoliday Hazards in the Workplace

In the midst of the most joyous time of year, you have likely started decorating the office to spread the holiday spirit. Before illuminating your Colorado nonprofit organization in holiday cheer, you must consider the safety factors of your decorative nature. As you prepare to get festive, keep these essential safety tips in mind:

  • If you choose to bring in a live tree to decorate in the office, make sure that you assign someone the task of watering it daily. Often, people decorate the tree, failing to realize that this tree requires a daily dose of H2O to stay hydrated throughout the holiday season. Also, make sure to place your tree in a location away from any combustibles. We recommend sticking to an artificial tree so that you can ensure safety in the workplace.
  • Before decorating the workplace in illuminating lights, make sure to inspect each strand so that you do not leave your workplace in harm’s way. Strands of lights with bare or frayed wires present fire hazards, which can result in ghastly consequences.
  • When it comes to decorations around the office, you will want to make sure that none of them act as dangerous obstacles. This means keeping the Santa out of the hallway and making sure no decorations act as a trip and fall hazard.
  • If you will be hosting a holiday party to show your staff how much you appreciate their hard work, make sure to consider liquor liability laws. By serving alcoholic beverages, you make yourself liable for anything that goes wrong at your party, and once guests leave your party. We recommend hosting your holiday work party at an off-site location such as a restaurant so that you can avoid liability risks.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! We hope you abide by these essential safety tips to avoid holiday hazard insurance claims in the office. Contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency in Denver for all of your Colorado commercial insurance needs.