Restructuring Health Benefits in Your Non-Profit

Restructuring Health Benefits in Your Non-ProfitYour non-profit business can benefit the company and employees.

Your company’s health care benefit package is a significant investment in your employees. The right package aids attracting the right employees, enhancing employee engagement, and retaining your most valuable employees.

Consider these tips for making the most of marketing your benefits programs to your key employees and their families.

  • Target your audience. Review your workforce demographics and benefits usage to get a better understanding of your employees’ needs and aim to make benefits more personal and relevant.
  • Update employees on changes. Send out communications to employees and explain why the changes have occurred, what they are, and how the company and team will move forward.
  • Be honest. Smart employees can decipher negative impacts through slick messaging.
  • Move forward. Provide clear information on how the employee can enroll.
  • Inform managers. Bring managers and supervisors into a discussion to give them a heads up about the upcoming benefit changes.
  • Send communications. Create multiple ways for the employee to access the information, from videos, webinars, desktop dashboards, handouts.
  • Establish enrollment. Use a simple method for employees to enroll to allow administration staff to easily process the information.
  • Open up the floor. Allow employees to consider their options and hold a Q&A meeting for any questions that they may have.

So that your non-profit company is handling the benefits programs correctly and financially stable, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, located in Denver, Colorado for all of your commercial insurance needs.