Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! As you prepare to house all your relatives for the holiday, it becomes increasingly more important that you refresh your memory of the vital safety tips. We want your holiday with the family to be nothing short of amazing, which is why we have compiled these Thanksgiving safety tips for your convenience:

  • While you may think it is okay to walk around and mingle while everything is cooking, safety requires you to never leave the kitchen unattended.
  • Make sure to preoccupy the children so that they are not tempted to play in the kitchen.
  • With children running around the house, it is important that you hide any breakables and any sharp objects such as knives and scissors.
  • Make sure to change the battery of your smoke alarms before the guests arrive to ensure safety!
  • You never know when someone is going to misuse a knife, so make sure to have your first aid kit on deck!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope these helpful safety tips keep your holiday season safe and memorable for the right reasons! Contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency in Denver for all of your Colorado insurance needs. We will go above and beyond to protect every corner of your life!