Essential Tips for Email Marketing

How your nonprofit can make the most of email marketing.

Email marketing is an essential piece of any nonprofit communication strategy, especially if it’s going to be used as a tool for donor engagement and fundraising campaigns. However, when everyone’s inbox is so full of other companies’ emails, how can we be sure a nonprofit email is successful to even be seen? Check out these tips on how to create content that your recipients will open, read, and take action on.

Craft a Striking Subject Line

First impressions last. This can be applied to email marketing as well. You have to consider the fact that most of your donors are probably receiving a lot of emails on a daily basis. To ensure that your audience opens your email, the subject line has to be enticing. If the line doesn’t appeal to them at all, how can you expect your recipient to open the email?

Get to the Point

No one wants to read a 1,000-word email to find out the point of the email in the last line. When writing an email to your donors, be as direct as possible. Ideally, ask right away. Try to avoid leaving your readers feeling clueless about what the purpose of your email is.

Keep It Personal

It’s easy to slip into blanket statements and generalities when asking for donations. However, this can alienate your audience. You should aim to be as personal as possible and talk to your donors as a ‘person,’ not as a group of individuals.

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