Employment Laws That Could Go Away Under the Trump Era

The Trump administration has promised to do many things about the laws President Barack Obama put into regulation, but how will they affect the employment laws? 

The Trump administration is now a few days into their four-year tenure. There are plenty of questions about existing laws and regulations that President Obama put into effect that Trump and his administration may repeal, and this has many employers and employees alike worrying about their future. What are these employment laws that could go away under the Trump era?

  1. White Collar Overtime
    The last time there was a change to overtime laws was in 1975, and it looks like we may have to wait even longer. A federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked an overtime change that would have doubled the max salary cap from $23,660 to $47,892.
  2. Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Order
    A law President Obama signed into existence that required companies to disclose any past labor violations if they bid for a federal contract. Many companies play by the rules, but thousands of Americans are unlawfully denied basic protections. This law looked to fix that injustice, but under the new administration, it could disappear.
  3. Faster Union Elections
    The National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor (NRLB) shortened the delay from an average of five weeks to three weeks. But these regulations could easily be snapped under the new Trump administration.
  4. Joint Employer Standard
    Under new interpretations of joint employment, companies only need indirect control over their employees in order to be considered joint employers. Congressional roll back would not longer face a possible veto.

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