You Need An Employee Leave Of Absence Policy

Employee Leave Of Absent PoliciesWhy These Policies Matter For Your Business

Vacations are not just nice, they are necessary. As humans, we needs breaks. Whether the time away allows you to recover from an illness, recuperate from high stress levels, or simply recharge your batteries, taking time away from the office is important.

As an employer and as a human, you know this. Consequently, you have probably given some thought to your employee leave of absence policies. Have you captured it in writing, though? It may seem like a lot of work for your HR department, but having a written leave of absence policy is important for two reasons. First, it gives your team a clear idea of their freedoms. Secondly, it ensures you stay compliant with state and federal laws.

Leave of absence policies should cover disability leave, holidays, personal days, sick leave, and vacation, specifying how many days of each will be paid. When you write your policy, make sure you are staying in line with employment laws, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and workers’ compensation regulation. Make sure you also address jury duty, military leave, and maternity and paternity leave.

So that your staff can request their leaves of absence, create a straightforward leave of absence form they can fill out and implement a process for reviewing and approving these forms.

Ultimately, establishing an official employee leave of absence policy and capturing it in writing is important for your business and your team.

Your HR department has enough work on its hands figuring out your employee leave of absence policies. Why should they have to worry about your insurance coverage, too? To ensure your nonprofit has the right policies in place to comply with the law and protect it and its employees, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. Based in Denver, we are here to tailor the perfect Colorado coverage to your nonprofit.