Are Employee Benefits Really That Important?

Employee Benefits Denver COAs a nonprofit, employee benefits for your Denver, CO team are a crucial part of your success.

You have a lot of things to consider when you run a nonprofit, and it’s easy to let some fall by the wayside. As you decide which to-dos are priority and which can be left for later, don’t make the all-too-common mistake of putting aside your benefits package. Employee benefits are a hugely important part of sustaining success for your nonprofit. Here’s why.

When you have a competitive benefits plan, you have the ability to draw the best talent to your team. The best person for your nonprofit is likely a candidate for a number of other similar nonprofits. How do you win out and make sure he or she chooses your nonprofit over the others? Amazing benefits! When you pair solid health insurance with retirement planning and voluntary benefits, you make sure your nonprofit is as attractive as possible to future employees.

Benefits aren’t just important for recruitment, either. They also matter for retention. Numerous studies have shown that good benefits paired with education about them draws the best employees – and then actually keeps them on your team. A recent MetLife study showed that 60 percent of employees reported “quality benefits” as their reason for remaining at their current company.

Do you want to gather the best people and keep them at your nonprofit? Employee benefits can help you do just that!

Are you ready to get the employee benefits package your nonprofit needs? If so, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. We have over a century of combined experience and understand that your needs as a nonprofit are unique. Our goal is to put together the best possible benefits plan for you and your employees, making sure you keep the staff you need to continue to do your important work.