Elements of Nonprofit Disaster Preparedness Planning

Preparing your nonprofit for the worst.


Disasters can come in a variety of forms and sizes – and at a time when you least expect it. While hurricanes and flash floods can be devastating, all it takes is a minor incident, such as a burst pipe, to cause a nonprofit to stumble. Because we’re so busy with our nonprofit’s mission, taking the time to ready ourselves disaster can fall by the wayside. Take a look at these few often overlooked aspects of disaster preparedness planning.


Don’t lose key documents

Are you one of the many organizations that moved most of your information to the cloud to cut costs and increase flexibility? What about important documents that probably started out as paper? Have you scanned all the necessary documents? Make an inventory and be sure that there are electronic backups of those critical documents.


Know what’s covered

You may have insurance for your nonprofit, but do you know what it actually covers? Many nonprofit owners face the devastating reality when an accident happens and they thought their insurance covered everything. Have a chat with your insurance agent about what your coverage does – and doesn’t – cover. This way, you’ll be able to fill in the gaps.


Share your plan

Even if you have the greatest preparedness plan, it won’t be of use if only a few people know the details. Make sure a review of the plan is part of any new employee’s orientation. Complete regular drills to simulate what you will do in the event of a disaster.


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