Does Your Nonprofit Need Volunteer Accident Coverage?

Determine if your nonprofit would benefit from volunteer accident coverage.

As a nonprofit organization, you know just how invaluable your volunteers can be. You’re determined to help your community, and generous people give up their time and/or money to help you achieve that. Volunteers are a wonderful addition to a nonprofit’s cause, but they also come with varying experience and do not tend to go through rigorous background checks like employees do. This means that, in some cases, they can be prone to accidents or wind up in risky situations. Volunteer accident coverage is a type of insurance that is tailored to your nonprofit. Even if you have a handful of volunteers, securing this coverage is a smart and feasible way to ensure you are protected in an accident.

Volunteer accident coverage is purchased by the nonprofit and used to reimburse medical costs directly related to the injury of a volunteer. It kicks in if a volunteer is injured while working for your nonprofit organization and can include serious injuries such as loss of limbs or loss of life.

Sometimes a non-profit organization will neglect to invest in volunteer accident coverage because they believe that volunteers are already covered via other types of insurance. While volunteer accident coverage may not be essential to most businesses, if your organization makes use of many unpaid workers, as many non-profits do, the coverage is one of the first places you’ll want to put some money.

General liability insurance can include volunteers, but it might not mean exactly what you think it does. If a volunteer accidentally does damage to someone’s property or injures someone, this coverage is meant to defend your organization against the injured/angered. If the volunteer themselves is hurt in the scenario, their complaint may not be covered. This is a solid example of a time when two coverages are both necessary to be fully financially protected: both general liability and volunteer accident coverage.

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