Does Your Nonprofit Have a Volunteer Handbook? It Should!

Does Your Nonprofit Have a Volunteer Handbook? It Should!The importance of a volunteer handbook.  

If you have volunteers that regularly help to better your nonprofit, it’s wise to consider creating a volunteer handbook. A volunteer handbook is a key element in risk management, and it helps the volunteer to understand what is expected of them. The rules, policies, and procedures will help to protect your volunteers – as well as your nonprofit.

A volunteer handbook serves three major purposes: relaying crucial organization information, establishing clear expectations, and emphasizing the importance of volunteers. Providing this information to your volunteers upfront allows you to welcome them into the nonprofit and ensure that they understand their role and responsibilities.

Start your handbook with a warming welcome letter. Volunteers are giving up their time to further your cause, so it’s always worth letting them know that you value them. This letter also gives you an opportunity to explain the essential role that your volunteers fulfill.

Next, create a section to relay important organization information. Quickly explain the background, history, and goal of the nonprofit, making sure to include your vision and mission statement. This helps volunteers understand more about your nonprofit and what they will be doing to further the cause. It’s also necessary to explain your expectations for volunteers and what they can expect from their involvement with the organization. In this section, list the rights and responsibilities of a volunteer so that they are clear on what their involvement with your nonprofit will entail.

Next come the policies and procedures. Include everything from legal concerns to best practices. Some of the policies may seem a bit obvious or straightforward, but it’s always better to have them in the handbook than to not. You may also choose to add in eligibility requirements, background checks, confidentiality policy, codes of conduct, and any other policy that your organization has in place.

Make your handbook your own by including any necessary information that is important to your organization and volunteers. This will help your volunteers ease into their positions and improve your nonprofit.

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