Do Not Let Sickness Ruin Your Holiday: Tips To Stay Healthy

Tips to staying healthy during the holidaysThe holiday season means colder weather! While the chilly breeze may excite us, the change in the weather can take a toll on our immune systems. Use these simple tips to stay healthy this holiday season!

  • Germ wipe down: Wash your hands regularly and carry around disinfectant wipes to help avoid germs. The fewer germs you encounter, the less likely you are to get sick. Wipe down commonly used surfaces and try to avoid contact with people who are already sick.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking lots of water during the holiday season can help to keep your immune system at peak performance. It can flush out your system and get rid of any bugs that you may have been exposed to before you develop symptoms.
  • Get plenty of rest: Not getting a good night’s sleep can wear down your body’s defenses, leaving you more at risk. Getting enough sleep is a preventative measure you can take to help ensure you stay healthy!
  • Stay active: Yes, you need your rest to stay healthy, but that does not mean that you should sit around all day. Moving around and staying active increases blood flow and boosts your immune system, which keeps you more protected from illness.

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