The Denver Library can Help your Nonprofit

While most people have heard of a non-profit, not many people really know how they are run or what they do. Luckily, the Denver Library  has many resources that can be used to learn more about non-profits. They also have plenty of resources for people who run a non-profit business and have any questions or concerns.

The Nonprofit Resource Center is located on the 3rd level of the Central Library in Denver. The library has all the resources that are needed to learn about starting a non-profit, or how to enhance the one that you are currently running. They offer books, databases, and periodicals that can help provide all of the information needed for your non-profit.

The Denver Library is also a Funding Information Network of the Foundation Center. As part of the network, they are able to offer a core collection of Foundation Center material as well as different supplemental resources that can be used to help find grants for your non-profit.

For more information or questions about the non-profits in the Denver, Colorado area, and to find the proper insurance coverage for your non-profit, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency.