Americans Are In Need Of Dental Insurance

Americans Are In Need Of Dental InsuranceDo Not Let Your Employees Suffer Without Dental Insurance

Across the country, people are reporting that they have difficult finding—and affording—good dental care. Because of the rising cost of health care, many are passing on dental insurance to save money. This is problematic, as the Institute of Medicine reports that people who do not have dental insurance are two-thirds less likely to visit the dentist annually.

That means that carrying dental insurance is a key component of maintaining one’s oral health, so it is extremely important for workplaces to offer dental insurance to their employees. Because many companies do not offer dental insurance as part of their benefits package, extending this type of coverage can attract the best employees to your company, and keep them there. Consequently, carrying dental insurance will not only serve your employees but will also benefit your company.

At Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, we have partnered with Delta Dental, the most experienced, largest provider of dental insurance in Colorado. With Delta Dental, we are able to offer preventative care (e.g. cleanings, exams, and x-rays) to identify problems early on when they are simplest and most affordable to fix. You can expand your coverage to include restorative treatments (e.g. bridges, crowns, and dentures) and orthodontics, according to your business’s specific needs. We can tailor your specific policy to cover you and your employees, making this an easy coverage for you to carry. Do not wait to get this boost in your benefits package; get dental insurance today!

Is your nonprofit ready to protect your employees by offering dental insurance? If you would like to offer this kind of coverage but are not exactly sure how, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency. Located in Denver, we are here to help your Colorado nonprofit get the insurance it needs for the coverage your employees deserve. Call us today!