Data Privacy and Compliance at Nonprofit Organizations

Creating a Culture of Data Privacy at Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits that operate online or store information digitally should consider their cyber safety. If your organization uses the internet in some shape or form, understand that there are real risks to your nonprofit’s own data security as well as its donors and individuals it serves.

When a nonprofit organization is committed to honest and ethical corporate decision-making, including a responsibility to protect data, the volunteers and employees are more likely to treat data with care and respect. In addition to good processes and policies, this means that your organization is less likely to fall foul of the various laws and regulations that may affect data privacy.

A good way to be sure you are doing what you can to protect your business’s data is to constantly ask questions like:

  • Do we have the right to collect, use, transfer (if applicable), and store this information? And have we informed the individual of our processes and intent?
  • How long should we continue to keep this information, and are we using it for anything we didn’t originally communicate or intend to?
  • Do we let citizens access the data we hold on them, change it if it is inaccurate, and have it deleted if they wish?
  • Are we keeping this sensitive personal information securely and limiting who has access to it?

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