Cyber Slacking: Do Not Let It Cost You!

Cyber Slacking: Do Not Let It Cost You!As a business owner you want your company to be as productive as possible, right? Employee productivity is a major part of this. With the increased use of technology in everyday job tasks, cyber slacking can become a real problem and can be detrimental to your company’s productivity. The most common forms of cyber slacking in this day and age are:
• Chat rooms and instant messaging
• Browsing news and sports websites
• Emailing personal contacts

We all know it happens, but we like to think it is not affecting our business. However, chances are, that it is affecting your business. The American Management Association (AMA) discovered that at least 68% of businesses lost some money and time because of cyber slacking. So exactly how much can it cost you? In a study done by surfControl, it was found that if roughly 1,000 employees use technology for personal reasons while at work, it can cost a company around $35 million a year. That’s a lot of money wasted. To help minimize these costs, we must begin to monitor Internet usage, enforce Internet usage policies, and have consequences for violating these policies.

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