Coronavirus Impacting Your Nonprofit? Here’s What to Do

What your nonprofit organization can do during the pandemic.


It’s hard to remember a tougher start to a new year. A couple of months in and the world ground to a halt with the invasion of COVID-19. It feels a bit surreal but, fortunately, each day brings better news. Even so, nonprofits have faced their toughest challenge yet. If the pandemic is affecting your nonprofit organization in different ways, here are a few tips on what to do.


Hold virtual events

Foster unity by engaging your virtual attendees. You can hold a virtual event if your physical event has been canceled. Highlight the benefits of holding such an event – your mission is still a priority, and the guests can still practice social distancing.


Create a virtual auction

Use Facebook Live to livestream your live auction! If you have several auction items, you can also invest in auction software for online bidding. Ramp up marketing ahead of time to let everyone know when the bidding will begin.


Develop shareable content

Create content and share it across social media, as well as video and text. People are spending more and more time on their phones and laptops – so make sure your content is eye-catching, engaging, and relevant. Remember to share plenty of feel-good stories that will lift the viewer’s mood.


Show appreciation

Now is not the time to leave your donors and supporters. Plan for the long term by creating new ways to communicate and engage with your supporters. Use video acknowledgments, thank you emails, and text updates from board members to recognize your donors, key prospects, and volunteers.


There are many strategies to make your nonprofit stronger throughout this troubling time. To find the right coverage for your needs, contact the experts at Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, part of HUB International in Denver, Colorado at 303-894-0298.