Complete your Pinnacol Safety Group Requirements

If your nonprofit is part of the Colorado Nonprofit Association Safety Group, you are required to attend two safety seminars before October 1st, 2014. The Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency, Pinnacol Assurance, and the Colorado Nonprofit Association are offering three safety seminars in this year that can be used towards the requirement.

The Safety Group Seminar: Accident Investigation, on July 15th, will investigate workplace accidents, which is essential in preventing the reoccurrence of the incidents as well as controlling claims costs and reducing insurance fraud.

The Safety Group Seminar: Effective Safety Training, on September 16th, will teach relevant and effective training methods that will save time and money, which will help increase employee retention and reduce the necessity of conducting the same training year after year.

The Safety Group Seminar: Managing Safety Through Good Hiring Practices, on September 11th, will provide important information that will help you safely introduce new employees to the workplace. You will also learn how to properly assess existing employees’ abilities to perform their jobs as safe as possible, and what to do if they cannot.

To sign up for any of these safety seminars to complete one of your Pinnacol Safety Group Requirements, contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency.