If Your Nonprofit Retails Products, Use This Guide To Business Preparation During the Holidays

Business Preparation and the HolidaysThe holiday season heats up for retail. Get ready with this business preparation guide.

As a nonprofit, you want to spread awareness about your work in as many ways as possible. One effective (and possibly even lucrative) way to do that is by selling merchandise. Whether you retail goods made by the people your nonprofit serves or t-shirts/stickers/bags/etc. emblazoned with your logo, you know that people might be thinking of your products as holiday gifts. So you can be ready for the spike in sales the holidays will likely bring, use this business preparation guide.

Thwart Thieves

Avoid fictitious pick-ups, which occur when thieves intercept your shipment by posing as a carrier. Make sure you coordinate delivery times with your mail carrier so that you can have a staff member waiting for the truck when it arrives. Also, keep a careful and regular eye on your inventory to make sure your numbers match up.

Support Seasonal Workers

If you’ll be hiring seasonal workers or volunteers to help with the uptick in retail activity during the holidays, take the time to property train them. If you skimp on training, your seasonal staff can bring safety hazards – or just plain bad service – to your nonprofit and its customers.

Circumvent Cyber Risks

If you sell your products online, you need to avoid cyber attacks by properly encrypting all of your data, making sure your webpages are completely secure, keeping a close watch on your online sales activity, and carrying cyber insurance coverage.

We want you to be able to focus on handling your sales during the holiday season, so we’ll have our experts focus on your nonprofit insurance needs. We understand that you might need some unique coverage – like volunteer accident insurance to cover the additional retail staff you need during the holidays – and are here to help! Contact Colorado Nonprofit Insurance Agency in Denver, Colorado to get the protection your nonprofit needs.