Business and Disability Insurance: Protection From Unexpected Obstacles

Business and Disability Insurance: Protection From Unexpected ObstaclesProtect your business and yourself from unexpected obstacles with business and disability insurance.

As we all know, life brings unexpected moments, and if you want to make your nonprofit organization healthy and vibrant, you need to be prepared and take proactive steps to protect yourself, your staff, and your investment. You must manage the risks your organization faces and insurance is one of the tools at your disposal. Some organizations have some level of insurance, but many don’t have the right mix of policies to help them with their unique practice.

  1. Business interruption may help your business stay afloat.

Business interruption insurance can pay the cost of running your business if a covered disaster strikes your organization and forces it to close for some time. This kind of insurance can help mitigate the risk you face from fires, floods, and other covered major disasters. It will likely take time to repair and replace, so without this kind of insurance, it could be tough to keep your most valuable assets: great employees.

  1. Disability insurance can help you settle things without rush.

If you are to ever become disabled to the point where you can no longer run your organization, this kind of insurance can give you more time to think of what you are going to do. Disability insurance is always more expensive when you buy it as an older person, than when you are young. Disability insurance covers your income while you are disabled–giving you time to think if you recover, or sell the business, or leave it to one of your trusted employees.

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