Best Practices for Converting Volunteers to Donors

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your volunteers into donors.


It’s not uncommon for nonprofits to look at volunteers and monetary donors differently. Both provide tremendous value and allow an organization to reach goals and obtain its mission. Often, nonprofits will target these donor types differently – but what happens when a supporter fits into both the donor and volunteer category? Here are a few ways you can work towards converting more volunteers into donors.


Personalize their experience

In today’s world, volunteers and donors expect a personalized experience when interacting with your nonprofit’s brand. Creating a personalized experience can help to demonstrate organization and value.

  • Create unique landing pages for volunteer opportunities
  • Send volunteers personalized emails
  • Focus on storytelling online and create targeted content based on prospect behavior


Acknowledge their accomplishments

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to convert volunteers into donors is to acknowledge volunteer participation and accomplishments towards your nonprofit’s mission and goals. If volunteers feel like their hard work is being recognized, then chances are they are going to be fully committed to your organization and have greater potential as a fundraising prospect.


Provide rewarding experiences

No volunteer will donate if they feel that an organization doesn’t need the help and aren’t furthering their mission. People volunteer for the opportunity to make a difference. Nonprofits need to deliver this desire and provide volunteers with rewarding experiences that they want to share and re-engage in the future.


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